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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
10 Tubers Alocasia Jacklyn10 Tubers Alocasia Jacklyn
10 Tubers Alocasia Jacklyn
Sale price$210.00
50 Seeds Alocasia Machoriza
50 Seeds Alocasia Machoriza
Sale price$210.00
10 Tubers Alocasia Bisma10 Tubers Alocasia Bisma
10 Tubers Alocasia Bisma
Sale price$175.00
10 Tubers Alocasia watsoniana10 Tubers Alocasia watsoniana
10 Tubers Alocasia watsoniana
Sale price$175.00
10 Tubers Alocasia Nebula10 Tubers Alocasia Nebula
10 Tubers Alocasia Nebula
Sale price$175.00
Save 50%
12 Syngonium Wendlandii12 Syngonium Wendlandii
12 Syngonium Wendlandii
Sale price$100.00 Regular price$200.00
12 Philodendron Pink Mican12 Philodendron Pink Mican
12 Philodendron Pink Mican
Sale price$150.00
12 Piper Ornatum12 Piper Ornatum
12 Piper Ornatum
Sale price$100.00
12 Syngonium Pink Splash12 Syngonium Pink Splash
12 Syngonium Pink Splash
Sale price$100.00
10 Seeds Alocasia new gunea gold10 Seeds Alocasia new gunea gold
12 Scindapsus scapoclamys12 Scindapsus scapoclamys
12 Scindapsus scapoclamys
Sale price$175.00
10 Tubers Alocasia longiloba10 Tubers Alocasia longiloba
10 Tubers Alocasia longiloba
Sale price$175.00
12 Scindapsus Jade Satin12 Scindapsus Jade Satin
12 Scindapsus Jade Satin
Sale price$150.00
12 Scindapsus silver splash12 Scindapsus silver splash
12 Scindapsus silver splash
Sale price$110.00
12 Scindapsus Neon Stripe12 Scindapsus Neon Stripe
12 Scindapsus Neon Stripe
Sale price$140.00
12 Scindapsus Exotica12 Scindapsus Exotica
12 Scindapsus Exotica
Sale price$140.00
12 Dracaena Milky Way Variegated12 Dracaena Milky Way Variegated
10 Tubers Alocasia Reginae10 Tubers Alocasia Reginae
10 Tubers Alocasia Reginae
Sale price$175.00
10 Tubers Alocasia Dragon silver10 Tubers Alocasia Dragon silver
10 Tubers Alocasia Dragon scale10 Tubers Alocasia Dragon scale
12 Aglaonema Rotundum12 Aglaonema Rotundum
12 Aglaonema Rotundum
Sale price$150.00
12 Syngonium Three King12 Syngonium Three King
12 Syngonium Three King
Sale price$210.00
12 Philodendron Dark Lord12 Philodendron Dark Lord
12 Philodendron Dark Lord
Sale price$185.00
Save 35%
12 Anthurium Crystallinum12 Anthurium Crystallinum
12 Anthurium Crystallinum
Sale price$130.00 Regular price$200.00

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